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The author obtained his PhD in law 2007/2009 with his dissertation thesis on liability in (German) travel law (one of very few jurists to do so in this specific rather nonprofitable legal area). He obtained his admission as a lawyer with the Bamberg bar association in 2003 and is currently licensed with the Munich bar association.
He grew up in a small rural bavarian neighbourhood that included the families of American servicemembers and their children from the nearby American garrison, and soon English was his second mother tongue. His command of the English language served him well in the early internet years, where he participated in or initiated several international web projects. However, for several years now that skill has deteriorated due to a lack of practice: the requirements of studying and practicing law meant that he had to rely on German and relegate his english into his dusty mental attic. for only occasional use.
In 2009 he started to give lectures on travel law at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten.

Born in 1974, he is "married with children" and lives in southern Bavaria.
Personally he fortunately (knock on wood) never had serious problems during any of his voyages, actually he doesnt even travel a lot anymore lately. Ever since his childhood travels together with his parents as a toddler he travelled all over Europe, mostly (but far from limited to) Italy, France and Spain. Later years saw extended stays in France and Poland, and trips to Egypt and repeatedly the Maldives.
With Latin in school he had French and Spanish only as elective subjects. However he is quick to aquire a useful command of foreign languages which means that he soon got to find his way around in France, Italy, Poland, Spain while he was there. Yet however again he is just as quick at forgetting these language skills thereafter, so that he merely
knows tidbits of these languages now.

Having grown up with computers ever since Atari and C-64, I gave up on really knowing the ins and outs of contemporary hard- and software due to a lack of time ever since my late law study years. Now I merely know sufficient to use MS Office for work and to get a system (both hardware and operating systems) to run that stuff.
I am a certified SCUBA diver and though I was never a very ambitious diver I enjoyed it immensely - havent gotten around to diving for quite a while now ever since the offspring showed up.
What is left is my love for English literature, mostly fiction works of the late 19th and early 20th century (think H.G. Wells).

Of course I am open to all kinds of feedback. Since I intentionally dispense with a guestbook, you can simply drop me a line via Email or  use the form below.
Within what little free capacity I have I will also try to answer your questions. I cannot guarantee that however, sometimes there's too little time for too many emails, so answers may take a while or might occasionally be rather curt.
Also, any answers will obviously be informal and non-binding. Please accept that I cannot do a binding yet free legal consultation re. your specific case (nb. there is no "pro bono" in germany), and that for the time being I am unlikely to accept your case as a paid mandate.

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