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German Package Travel Law


The core feature of this site is an extensive article on German package travel law.
Beginning on the next page, it will cover the following subjects:


introduction / short history of German package travel law legislation

the package travel contract
  legal elements of the travel contract
  conclusion of the travel contract
  differing declarations of will
the parties to the contract
  the traveler
  the tour operator

liability of the tour operator
  the key issue of a "defect of the travel"/"trip fault"
  limitations of liability
     issues of mass tourism
     customs of the destination/country-specific customs&issues
     generally negligible unpleasantness
     general risks of life
     legal limitations of the consequences of liability

  liability for suppliers of services

assorted rights of the traveler
    revocation of a trip
    transfer of contract
    relief § 651c II BGB
    diy-relief § 651c III BGB
    reduction of price § 651d BGB
    termination due to defect § 651e BGB
    general damages § 651f I BGB
    damages for frustrated holidays § 651f II BGB
    termination due to force majeure § 651j BGB
procedural specifics

extra: overbooking
extra: force majeure / acts of god

If you are rather unfamiliar with German law in general I may suggest you take a look at my short introduction here first.
Also, it might be helpful to take a look at my short explanation of citation customs here.

        Otherwise, have fun on our trip through the German Package Travel Law - bon voyage! ;-)


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