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Now, you might be a reader that stumbles upon this website and asks himself "A website on german travel law?!??! - Why should I care?" or maybe even something considerably less polite. Well, as outlined in the Preface, I am well aware that this site has a limited appeal or value to the general international public.
owever, there is a small yet definite target group that can benefit from this site, namely first and foremost foreign students studying tourism&travel-related curricula in Germany which are bound to be confronted with German travel law. Explaining the very unique German travel law in English may be a useful addition (not substitute!) to their German lectures and aid them in understanding detail issues or the system and its structure as such, especially if their command of the German language itself represents a problem in the first place.

It might also be of interest to tour operators and their service suppliers that are in immediate contact with german customers or other customers under the jurisdiction of the German law:
As will be shown elsewhere, it is easy to come under the rule of German travel law as an operator, which among other consequences creates certain duties (for example you are then required to issue guarantee certificates re. the guaranteed reimbursement of the travel price, see § 651k BGB). The service suppliers who are in direct contact with the German customer when actually fulfilling the tour operators' contractual obligations should also know about the rights and liabilities of the German travel law since they create liability for their tour operators. If you are a non-German lawyer working for such an operator you might find this site useful, either as a representative of the operator or in your relationship to the local German lawyer (who is to eventually represent you in a German court).
And even if you are a German lawyer you might find this site helpful when explaining matters to your international client.

Two more groups I can think of.
Non-German speaking customers who for whatever reason fall under the jurisdiction of the German travel law might have an interest to know their rights when traveling (e.g. foreigners living here and booking their travels from here but being equipped with insufficient command of the German language esp. when dealing with legal text and matters).
And last but not least academics: non-German academics musing about the contemporary state of travel law or its future de lege ferenda, and just the same German academics discoursing on travel law with their international colleagues.

Hmmm...guess that's it, all others are free to go now ;-) ...

...but of course are invited to browse the site at will nevertheless.


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